Islamic Clothing Terms…What Do You Call It?

Since our emergence online in 1997, we have heard so many different terms used for the Muslim woman’s dress.  We would like to include a list of some basic terms that we have found most useful, & we are choosing to use the most common words for it’s meaning.


abaya_sample_almuhajabat_ownerABAYA (Arabic term) Known as a long sleeve, full length, pull over style dress.  Embroidery, beads, rhinestones  & colorful appliqués may adorn the abaya on the sleeves, cuffs & fabric.

COLOR- Comes in all colors & sleeves (bell, wide, buttoned, elastic).  FABRIC- Traditionally abaya fabric is made of a durable polyester in crepe or similar.  Stitch quality is important, as well as the fit & form of the abaya. 


AMIRA HIJAB– We started to carry these in 1999.  We remember being the first site to introduce these easy to wear 2 piece slip on hijabs.  We were worried if the trend would catch on in the West…9 years later, it is our #1 best seller.  “Amira”is an Arabic word which means, princess.

FABRIC– Cotton/poly, lycra with patterns, embroidery on the underpiece. Shoulder length is the most common.

muhajaba2SHAYLA HIJAB– We found that a shayla wrap hijab was all over the Gulf countries, long before it was a fashion nessessity in the West.  Shayla’s are long rectangular scarves, that are wraped and framed around the face. Either pinned at the chin & top, or tucked in.

satin_diamondlife_sample_TURKISH SATIN HIJAB- These are square scarves, with patterns that are fun & colorful.  Often, they are made from soft polyester, to have the look & feel of satin, or they are made of silk, which can be costly, but none the less, just as lovely.



SQUARE HIJAB- There is a discussion we have in the office, as to how much longer the square hijab will become nearly impossible to find.  Often made of butter-soft polyester, in 45″ or 38″ squares.   

CHANGES- Due to a new phenomenon of “Islamic fashion” and “trends”, we have seen the decline of square scarf’s in the past 5-6 years, due to the abundant availability of the shayla hijab…what are your thoughts?



UNDERSCARF- Underscarf’s are such a necessary part of wearing hijab.  It hides & holds tight, those hair’s that don’t stay in place.  It also serves as a delicate border to match any of your hijabs. 

STYLE- They fit over your head as a cap, or as a tube. They come in all types of fabrics, lace, satin, poly blends, lycra spandex & cotton.  It must be able to stretch in order to fit on your head securely, and without giving you a headache.  You should try one, it is as necessary as wearing leggings under your long skirts & dresses!


all images are copyright of its owner AlMuhajabat 2009 ©

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