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We like to send out coupons, in fact we love to do it! We will update you when a great shipment arrives and always add a coupon- these are updates you are interested in.
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like us, you are on many email lists and hit DELETE once you have read the title, but we want you to know there is always a coupon included that benefits you, nothing small, but something significant that will bring you back.
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thank you for spreading the word and keeping us relevant and online for over 13 years, our service and products are a testiment to that, our employees are here for you. We are happy to say that at Al Muhajabat we have outfitted you with your first hijab, and are honored to say that at Hijab Jewels, we are now outfitting your coming of age daughters.
Please keep in touch…
by signing our testimonial page we are able to hear what is on your mind about our products and giving others the idea of Hijab Jewels too. Send us an email with your hijab conversion story, everyone can learn from your story, we want to encourage others on the beauty of your spiritual growth and changes and your love for being a representative to submission.
Hijab Stories
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sign up is a $5 off coupon on your purchase of $20 before shipping

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