Al Muhajabat Free Toolbar Stats….you love it!



In the past 90 days, you have told us how much you loved the toolbar! Its a great way to do all your internet browsing, social networking, emailing and searching all in one place! YOU CHOOSE what you want to see on the toolbar…

These are the stats based on component!

We love to see the different countries listed, it is a much deeper meaning for us, that we are ALMUHAJABAT and united together, showing that modesty does not adhear to borders or cultural lines! EXCELLENT!


 Download our free community toolbar by clicking this link


Jazakum Allahu Khayr

We have appreciated your honest feedback for years, and have done our best to keep you satisfied with changing trends- And for Al Muhajabat we have started many hijab trends on our own in the West. When it comes to outfitting you or accessorizing your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

Our happiest joys come from women who have shared their stories with us that we were the first company they purchased when they decided to wear hijab, or when women tell us that their daughters are old enough to cover, and that this was the first spot they had in mind for their girl’s hijab party. We are honored that you have given us your trust and hope that we continue to meet your requests for years to come, God Willing! Until then…We’ve Got You Covered!
We are happy to be one of the first websites to offer Islamic clothing on the web since 1997. Our loyal customers throughout the years have paved the way for our success, and it has been our upmost pleasure serving you, and your needs.