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We’ve launched our HijabJewels Community Toolbar

Give it a try!

Our new Community Toolbar lets you keep us right at the top of your browser, no matter what web page you’re visiting.
Free Install
Here’s what you get:
The best of Our Site
Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser.
Hand-Picked Links
Check out all of our favorite places on the Web.
Powerful Search
Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.
Notifications to Your Desktop
Receive our most important community news and announcements instantly.
App Marketplace
Add your favorites apps from the App Marketplace to your browser.

If you have any questions, check out our Help page , where you can ask questions in your own words.

Swag Bucks

I know, so out there? Earn free stuff? Well our staff could not believe it either until Umm Housayne turned us on to this search engine. Most of us just use it once a day to randomly search items on the web instead of our trusty google search engine.  We pop in a key word, the press next- going thru 2 pages of listings…and bam! Everyday we get a “swagbuck”….We’ve collected over 5 amazon gift cards worth $5 each…there’s more….I know, so random, yet so cool!

Just fill out the form, you will totally get stuff from it, we were SHOCKED!Search & Win

Al Muhajabat Free Toolbar Stats….you love it!



In the past 90 days, you have told us how much you loved the toolbar! Its a great way to do all your internet browsing, social networking, emailing and searching all in one place! YOU CHOOSE what you want to see on the toolbar…

These are the stats based on component!

We love to see the different countries listed, it is a much deeper meaning for us, that we are ALMUHAJABAT and united together, showing that modesty does not adhear to borders or cultural lines! EXCELLENT!


 Download our free community toolbar by clicking this link

Let’s Trade Links…


Would you like your website or blog listed on our website?  Are you part of the Al Muhajabat experience?  We would love for you to stay connected with us online…If YES please follow these easy steps:

  • Create a link on your website on your main page linking to either our blog or our website Al Muhajabat
  • Email us and show us that you have added one of our links (or both) & we will add you to our list of links!
  • With the condition to keep us on your website/blog for a minimum of 1 yr
  • Add us to 2- 3 social  networks: website, blog & twitter (public lists only) & we will send you a $20 gift card (no minimum purchase required)
  • Please ask us about our referal program & more! 
  • STAY CONNECTED– show your Hijabi Support by downloading our free toolbar



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