1 Piece Lycra Amira Hijab

We are trying out a new supplier, the patterns are a bit daring, but sometimes you have to take what you are given.  We are hopeful about this hijab because of the new longer length, the stiff peak at the top, and the soft lightweight fabric.



Checkout this entirely new style of hijab fashion, found only at our site Al Muhajabat…we don’t have a name for this great new style, so we are calling it “Over The Top” to go, well…over the top of your head and your underhijab…



Ever wonder why websites offer satin Turkish hijabs in their advertisements but when you click on the hijab, its not what they are selling?  We’ve noticed that too…they will advertise Turkish hijabs in satin, get you hyped, and to find out its the same hijab style floating around on the internet.  We use our own photos…These are Turkish style, made in Korea with a soft, satin touch and elegant pattern…they’re back…and they sell oh so well!