Ramadan Eid 2011 Hijab Gift Giveaway

Hijab Jewels Ramadan Hijab Giveaway

We are happy to offer another year of Eid giveaways! 1 Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate, 20 Winners will receive a $5 gift certificate, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY- email us with your first & last name to enter into the drawing, use a valid email


Hijab Stories Needed

If you or anyone you know would like to share your experience with hijab, the first time you wore hijab, dawa with hijab, fears in wearing hijab etc. . We would like to publish your story to our website www.HijabJewels.com 
We would especially love to hear from teen age girls who are experiencing hijab for the first time, any length no matter how short the essay is would be beneficial.  We are concerned with hijab experiences and not hijab fashion for these essays. 
These essays will get a lot of views and will help many new aspiring muhajbah’s, since we get first timers on a daily basis. 
Please contact your lady friends and ask them if  they would like to share their experience.  It will also make a great school project. 

You are welcome to pass this email to your email groups.
For each entry, not only will they receive publication on our blog and website with full credit and copyright for your submission, we will also give them a $10 gift certificate to www.almuhajabat.com or www.hijabjewels.com for their accepted entry.

Please contact us for more details.

Ramadan Mubarak From Al Muhajabat

No purchase necessary to enter, simply email us your name and email address and we are happy to enter your name into the montly drawing! Use our contact form online

Eid Mubarak…Your never get tired of free stuff!

ANOTHER fabulous give-away!  It is so great to hear from you, we LOVE your emails you write to us, thanking us, letting us know what you love on the site, and of course how to improve.

The response was overwhelming the first two weeks of Ramadan that we wanted to do another give away…check your inboxes  we’ve already given out $220.00 in gift certificates to almost 30 customers! Below are the winners who were kind enough to share their name with us!
WINNERS Hedayah in Los Angeles CA $50
Curlisha in Homewood AL $5
Sofia in Canton OH $25
Naimah in Stuttgart AR $5
Saba in Philadelphia PA $10
Fatima in San Diego CA $5
Nusayba in San Ramon CA $5
Jena in Henderson TX $10
Emina in St. Louis MO $5
Michelle in Lancaster OH $5
Barakah in Dale City VA $10
Latoya in Jacksonville FL $5

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