About Al Muhajabat

Al Muhajabat’s online success is because of our loyal customers since it’s humble begginings in 1997.  We would like to thank our friends, family, & those in our community who have supported Al Muhajabat online, & at conventions, at house parties & bazaar’s in the Bay Area, California. 

A L  M U H A J A B A T

The owner of Al Muhajabat back in 1997 wanted a name to symbolize just what she was promoting…and that was HIJAB. Nothing fancy, nothing too thought out, and nothing ordinary.  Being a convert and a student of Arabic, she & a friend thought of names that suited the needs of women, without trying to be too obvious or too cheesy.

Jazakum Allahu Khayr to Rula Abu Jassar of Amman, who explained in detail the Qur’anic tafsir, & Arabic linguistics of the term, “muhajba”, “muhajabah”, “almuhajabat”, and who reminded the team of the beauty of Arabic & it’s meaning.

It seemed to all fit in at one moment, with a little istikhara prayer & dua, the name stuck…but the pronunciation didn’t!


“It is by far a difficult business decision due to the majority of the online community online in the 90’s being convert Americans, but by far, one of the most blessed with Allah’s guidance, and mercy”, says Khadija, owner of Al Muhajabat. “So, in reality, Allah doesn’t always give you what “you” want, rather He gives you what you need, subhanAllah (Glory to God)”.

“It was a name that was difficult to pronounce, and to this day, ladies continue to be very hesitant in saying the name, but the meaning by far, sums up every beautiful thing about being a Muslim woman who covers in honor of her Lord and Creator”, says Khadija.

“And that was the intention behind the name, and what became a foundation of baraka (tremendous blessing) in the business.  We were going to cover beautiful women with a beautiful intention, and commit our lives to making hijab an easy, and praiseworthy action.  With Allah’s generosity, we have been able to be the pioneer’s in providing women in the West their first hijab, or their first non hand me down scarf, & their self esteem in expressing their passion for Allah’s command”. 

The women who wear hijab. Even, women, collectively, who cover modestly. AL – MU- HAJ- A- BAAT  (phonetically speaking)


all photos & articles are subject to copyright 2010 © Owner Al Muhajabat & HijabJewels


  1. Z.B. said,

    August 4, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Asalam alikum, your site is down, I been trying since half an hour. Would you plz, let me know if it is the case. hope you guys are still in business.

    • almuhajabat said,

      August 4, 2009 at 7:38 pm

      Wa Alaykum As Salam- Our site is down for the day, we will be back up shortly! Don’t worry we are still around!

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