Muslim Swimsuit Draws French Ban

Paris pool bans Muslim woman in ‘burqini’ swimsuit

International / Europe

Muslim Swimsuit Draws French Ban


Published: August 13, 2009

A Muslim woman who tried to go swimming in a head-to-toe swimsuit called a “burquini” has been banned from her local pool in the Paris suburbs.

What Do You Think?

Many of us own a modest swim suit, and those of us who do not, want to!  My main gripe about this article and it being a “hygine” issue is that the authors assume that the modest swimsuit is being worn while being out and about.  They are suggesting the the swimsuit is being worn while driving to the pool, we’re eating lunch in it,  or we’re going to the shops.

Why can’t readers accept that:

  • we actually like to be covered & dress modestly, or else we would not shell out the $100 plus dollars for this suit

  • we’re not ashamed to dress differently with others who apparently have different views on modesty

  • we are human & love water too

  • this is our swimsuit, just as much as your two piece & one piece suit is your swimsuit…we will swim in it, then hang it up to dry

  • the swimsuits we wear, grant you has a lot more fabric than your’s, but it is made of the same fabric!

  • it’s not an intimidating suit, it is quite reminiscent of the sledding, racing suit, don’t you think? Or what about a surfer’s body suit…it’s colorful, playful, & even child-like with it’s bright designs and patterns…what is the real reason why you hate it so much?

Very interesting….

1 Comment

  1. makhluqa said,

    August 14, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I don’t think it has anything to do with fabric, germs or ideas of modesty. It’s all about image and we, as Muslim women, challenge the image of liberated women. Who would ever want people to assume that we are comfortable enough with ourselves to go out in a fully covering suit and enjoy ourselves at the pool? We are supposed to be locked away…and thanks to Paris and it’s people, we are at least locked away from entering that pool!! Thanks for helping Muslim women feel more free!!!

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