Abaya Alert!

We are happy to announce our yearly abaya update.  We have made the switch to hijab pins & underscarfs this Spring & Summer in order to concentrate on hijab accessories!

Since many shops offer shayla’s & the market seems to be saturated with choices, we wanted to offer you the necessary accessories for your shayla’s,  and therefore have made it easy to find what you need to accessorize with the shayla’s you already own!

The economic climate this past year has forced us to make changes with how we do business.  We all feel the pinch, therefore we are encouraging everone to look what is in your drawers now, and accessorize with what you have. 

We all have hijab’s that slowly make it’s way to the bottom of the pile, never seeing the light of day…so instead of purchasing a new one consider purchasing a beaded underscarf, or a hijab jewel to accompany it!  Spend $6 instead of $20!


For the past few years we have seen the trend of abaya’s declining, and the trend of fabric prices increasing.  There seems to be a less of a demand for abaya’s and with market prices rising, it seems almost impossible to offer abaya’s at a reasonable rate.

Therefore, we have decided to carry a full line of abaya’s during the Ramadan & Eid season…so, the time has come for us to introduce abaya’s once more in our catalog and we will have them online within the next 2 days.  Stock up…we will only carry them once a year!


  1. junior said,

    August 8, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Do you guys sell Islamic Swimsuits, I have been looking for these all over, I found this site, they have them, but I need to see first if we have the same line locally in Culver City?

    • almuhajabat said,

      August 9, 2009 at 8:11 pm

      We do not carry swim suits, but we do find different types online, you may want to ask others on womens yahoo groups or something similar,everyone has their own opinion because of quality, fitting designs & colors.Best of luck!

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