Download Our Free Toolbar


almuhajabat free toolbar

almuhajabat free toolbar

Use the link above to download our free toolbar!  It can be used with your current toolbar, or you may replace it with your current IE or Firefox toolbar.  It has the same great features, along with some added fun & exciting personal touches!  Read more…

 drop_down_list  Use this drop down menu to manage your Al Muhajabat toolbar!  Add gadgets & widgets to your toolbar like, YouTube, TV, & more! Or hide gadgets that you are not using at the moment…have fun!
   Select your favorite search engine, Google, Yahoo, AOL or use all of them, it’s your choice.


 This will take you back to the Al Muhajabat website whenever you feel the need!


 This has our most popular links to the site, along with some useful Q & A on the most asked questions on hijab, & a link to our blog.



Indoors? Have the weather available to you when you need it…is it hot, rainy or snowing?







We’ve added some features to the toolbar that we know most people use.  Twitter (we’ve added some of our own).  Facebook…connect quick & a radio player, program your favorite online stations. Chat with us, or others who enter our chat room at anytime.



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